By Sheree Murray

I didn’t even realise it was such a big topic Though to be fair I had always places MRKH in the back of my mind. Pushed it so far back even that sometimes I would totally forget that it even existed, and that I had it. But I couldn’t escape from reality right?

As I got older, the conversations around having children became more prominent. I’d never wanted children so I always quickly replied with “Oh I don’t want them and can’t have them anyway’ before redirecting the conversation to someone else as quickly as possible.

Then there were the times when people would ask me if I could lend them a tampon,I managed to dodge that awkward “I don’t actually get my period convo” like a pro. I would just casually say “oh sorry I’ve run out” I learnt from a young age that was the easiest reply as when I said “I don’t get my period” I was faced with a questioning lok. I just couldn’t deal with having that conversation. So what changed to make me disclose MRKH?
I was tired of dodging the conversation around children and periods. I felt finally ready to share my truth.

So I started being more open and talking about it with my inner circle of friends. It felt so good to finally not hide it. This was about 7 years in the making. Then one day at this cafe here in Palma I disclosed to a new friend, she’s one of the only people that had actually heard of MRKH. I was so excited!

Apparently an incredible woman had just disclosed on Instagram. Holy heck there’s other women out there like me? Of course I knew there was, I just had never been presented the opportunity to connect with another MRKH sister. I found her on insta and reached out, it’s insane how immediately I no longer felt alone in this part of my journey. I also started joining support groups and connecting with other incredible women on insta. I never had any idea that anything like this existed for us incredible women.

Because of her one post my world changed overnight, I felt empowered by our incredible community of warriors and so welcomed. Most of all I no longer felt alone. Holy heck if one post could do that for me, I just knew I had to pay it forward.

If by me disclosing MRKH could help even just one woman like it did me then heck I was all in.
Though of course I was nervous and anxious, I wrote and re-wrote that post for about 3 weeks. Then I knew it was time, I basically posted it on insta then walked away. Not many if any knew that this was a part of me and now I had announced it to the world. I kept reminding myself that if this could help 1 other woman like it had me, then it was more than worth those moments of fear and anxiety that I was having at the time of posting. The messages I received were incredible. Full of love and so uplifting.

I knew I had done the right thing for me. I totally understand that this is 100% a personal decision and don’t get me wrong there are some days when I wanted to take that post down, but to be fully standing in and owning my truth feels incredible. I want to be a stand for all us incredible women owning how great we truly are. I want to be able to speak for those that yet can’t. But either way wether we want to disclose to our friends, the world or keep it to ourselves. Its all perfect and our choice.

Thats why I decided to disclose MRKH and why I will continue to share my story.

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