What I Would Tell My 17 Year Old Self (MRKH Edition)

Julian Peter


At times life may seem unfair but there is a brighter future ahead. Its ok to feel the way you feel now but giving up is not an option. Yes your well planned future might have turned around but that doesn’t mean it’s over rather a new beginning is here for you, a better future is here for you to look forward to.

Becoming a mom might be dead to you now but with time it shall come to live again, live a day at a time, take your time to understand who you are, what is MRKH and how you can learn to live with it. It’s impossible to understand that you can live with MRKH now but with time you shall heal and live with it in peace.

Its feels so scary to think about the people around you and what they will feel about you and so many unanswered questions right now. A day shall come when all this shall be gone because of a beautiful soul. You shall educate the society about your condition without the fear of what will they say? What will they feel about me? Will they love me? Because advocacy will become part of whom you are and it will not matter what they say, what they feel. The right people shall surely love who you are.

You shall meet great women who will understand you, feel your pain and walk this journey with you and it shall all be worth it. You will make a great leader ambassador of MRKH, you will speak on behalf of many, and you will unite many MRKHERS because it’s through that, that they will find they aren’t alone.

The society might not be a place better for persons with MRKH but you shall make a better place through advocacy because you are stronger than MRKH. It’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it.

  MRKH is not a death sentence rather a stepping stone to higher levels. There is beauty in life choose to live life with a hope for a beautiful morning. Every morning is a new page write your story according to you and not what the society expects. Be happy for you live once there is no repeat of a day lost live a day at a time and enjoy every bit.

To myself “For the love I feel for me I shall fight for a better tomorrow because I deserve it all, I am worth it, I am unique and with a purpose to fulfill in this world. Through God’s grace I shall achieve it”.

Yours Julian

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