MRKH Supporter Runs Half Marathon to Raise Money and Awareness for the MRKH Community

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Long time MRKH Supporter, Cory Bettis is using her first half-marathon to raise money and awareness for the MRKH community by donating all of the funds she raises to the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation! This amazing and selfless woman is using this awesome opportunity to bring awareness to a condition that few have heard about. Cory will be running in the New River Half Marathon in Todd, NC on May 2, 2015. The location of the run is really special because it’s in the same county where the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation was co-founded in 2011. The Beautiful You MRKH Foundation will always have special ties to the High Country in North Carolina and it’s very meaningful to have our second fundraising run there in the mountains. Please read the interview below to learn more about Cory and her mission to help women with MRKH through her first half marathon. MRKH sisters from around the world will be with you in spirit and cheering you on for your big race on this Saturday! Go Cory!

BYMRKH:  What inspired you to run your first half marathon?

CB: I just turned 26 this year and I have never really set any big goals. After a dear friend shared about the race in Todd, NC, I felt a huge pull to sign up. With not much knowledge gained yet, I committed to the biggest goal I have ever made!

BYMRKH: How did you prepare for your first big run?

CB: In order to prepare for this race, I have been following a running schedule since January 2015. My race is May 2, 2015, so I had a little over 3 months to work my way up to running long miles. Each week I would increase how much I would run by a mile and also make sure to have a couple days to rest. I do wish I could say that I was eating healthier too, but that is another goal I will have to set in the future 😉

BYMRKH: Why are you using this opportunity to raise money and awareness for the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation and help women in the MRKH community?

CB: After signing up for the half marathon, I realized that I could use this goal of mine as a platform to raise money and awareness for the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation. I have seen it done before and I got really excited about being able to help in a way that I would not have been able to do all by myself. I also thought it would help keep me motivated on the days I am having a hard time.

I chose to raise money for Beautiful You MRKH, because I have watched this foundation touch so many women. It is a non-profit that my friend, Christina Ruth, co-founded and I cannot help but feel connected. Although I do not have MRKH, I am a huge supporter and have learned a lot over the years. It would be a wonderful way to educate people here in the High Country (NC) and in my local community about what MRKH is.

BYMRKH: What is your fundraising goal?

CB: I hope to raise $2,000.00.

BYMRKH: Will you be thinking about anything in particular as you run your first half-marathon? Do you have anything to motivate you or inspire you to keep running when you start to feel exhausted.

CB: I will spend more time thinking about this question as the day gets closer, but as a whole, I am running for the women with MRKH. I will keep in mind my friends with MRKH first, but then run with the women in mind that I read about on the Facebook support webpage. I read stories about diagnosis’s, the struggle with infertility, the lack information told to them, the difficulty finding good doctors, the isolation that is sometimes felt, etc. There is a lot unfolded when you are told you have MRKH. I want to run with these women in mind and raise money to help. I also would like to run for all the many blessings gained in just the past few years! What a gift it is to have a non-profit like BYMRKH to bring support to girls and to bring the out of isolation. I think about all the publicity Jaclyn has brought to MRKH through being Miss Michigan and through Survivor. I think about the women who are growing stronger after fighting probably the most difficult thing in their life! There have been many successes and I will be praying as I run that many more successes will be won.

BYMRKH: You have been a HUGE supporter of BYMRKH and the MRKH community. Besides being my dear friend and learning about MRKH initially through me, do you feel that you relate to women with MRKH? If so, please explain.

 CB: To be honest, I do not feel that I cannot relate whole-heartedly. I have never faced a diagnosis such as MRKH. Instead, I feel sympathy in that I feel like I have a good understanding of the emotional hardship women with MRKH face. I personally do not have MRKH and my first instinctual answer to this question is no. However, the more I think about this, I also believe that we all have different battles to face as we grow and mature. In that sense, yes, I do feel like I can relate. We all at times need to lean on someone to help us through those difficult times and that we all grow stronger through them. Is yes and no a bad answer for this question? Ha, I really do feel on certain levels I can and cannot fully relate.

BYMRKH: What is your favorite thing about BYMRKH?

CB: I think Beautiful You MRKH is incredibly important to the emotional well being of those within the MRKH community. It provides a gathering place of support, which I believe is priceless, as well as a wealth of information. I love the connections made through this non-profit and watching my friends gain strength through the friendships made.

BYMRKH: MRKH is a life long journey with highs and lows. Since the day I’ve shared my condition with you, you’ve been one of the most supportive, understanding and caring people in my life and I cannot thank you enough for your endless support. If you could share advice to other people who want to provide a support system for others with MRKH, what would it be?

CB: Hmm, I think my advice would be two simple things. Become knowledgeable on what MRKH is and lend a listening ear. I really feel that there are times that we truly cannot step into another’s shoe, but learning as much as we can and also just being there as a friend is huge. Being there to celebrate the milestones achieved and or being there to hold a hand during the hard times, just being available is valuable.

BYMRKH: Are there any misconceptions that you feel the general public has about MRKH after hearing it for the first time?

CB: Oh, yes. I believe so. I think that with the lack of information provided, a lot of people may quickly draw misconceptions on what MRKH is. There more we can educate each other, the better.

Please visit Cory’s fundraising page to learn more about why she is using this special opportunity to raise money and awareness for women with MRKH.

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