MRKH Monday: Connect with your Sisters! #MRKHmonday

Here is your weekly update of great ways to connect with your sisters around the globe, meet some in person and read the words spoken by your sisters.

Do you live in the Texas area and want to meet other MRKH sisters in person? Now you can! Christina from the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation will be having an informal meet-up in Houston on November 22, 2014. If you are interested in attending, please email her at

Want to connect with your MRKH sisters in Russia or get inspired by another group? If so, please check out this awesome MRKH page created by Ksenia Ryskova, here:

Ksenia has also created an MRKH group on If you are interested in connecting with more sisters and want to join this group, please click on this link:

Please click on this link to read a new blog by our MRKH sister, Karina Sasin:

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2 Responses to MRKH Monday: Connect with your Sisters! #MRKHmonday

  1. Reblogged this on travelingeneticist and commented:
    So many new support groups and blogs for those who are affected by MRKH! It blows me away that just two years ago, there was virtually nothing online. There were few blogs, few resources and so much secrecy. Once we start telling our stories, nothing can stop us! And, those who are brave enough to tell their stories can speak for those who are not able to do so. So much love throughout the global MRKH community.

  2. Hellen Wangari Ngugi says:

    Am Hellen from Kenya and i have MRKH…i would like to connect with sisters near me and get to share my story..

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