MRKH Monday: Holiday Gift Exchange #MRKHmonday

Happy Monday everyone! Here is your weekly update!

Congratulations, Carly Hadaway, on making the top 5 at the Miss Mississippi pageant! Thank you for using this special opportunity to bring awareness to MRKH! You looked stunning! We are so proud of you! #MRKHproud

One of our MRKH sisters, Krystina McNamara, has set up a special holiday gift exchange for MRKH women and she encourages you to participate! Here are the details of the gift exchange:

-This is not specifically for Christmas or another specific holiday.
-Please sign up knowing that you may be matched with someone from another country and could incur larger shipping charges.
-Please sign up only if you are able to truly go through with it.
-Contact Krystina McNamara if you have any questions.

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