Your weekly re-cap of what is going on within the MRKH community #MRKHmonday

The Beautiful You MRKH Foundation planned Meetings around the US for the next year:

October 25–Boston Children’s Meeting (age restrictions)

October 26–Boston Get Together (All ages) at Simmons College, co-hosted with The MRKH Organization, Inc.

May 2015 (date not set)–MRKH Day in Ann Arbor, MI

June 6, 2015–MRKH Meeting at Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX

August 1, 2015–MRKH Meeting in Seattle, WA

October 2015–Boston Children’s Meeting

2016 Meetings: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, West Coast (LA or SF area) Houston, Boston

The West Coast Meeting will alternate between the Pac Northwest, Northern CA area and So California

This week in blogs:

This blog talks about the adoption journey. Please read one of our MRKH sisters first blog post here:

Kristen Peterson talks about self acceptance and finding herself in her blog post titled, “The caterpillar and the butterfly.” Please read the post here:

This week on Facebook:

Do you speak Spanish? If so, I encourage you to join MRKH Soporte Conciencia Experiencia. This group has women from Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, Panama, etc., Please click on the link below to join the group:

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