Happy MRKH Monday everyone! Here is your weekly update. #MRKHmonday

1) The Stella and Dot Trunk Show was so much fun! As of this evening, we have raised $284 for the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation. The online Trunk Show will remain active until September 5th, so if you missed the event in person, you can still order through the website (click below). http://www.stelladot.com/ts/i9tx5

It was great to finally meet Deb Donovan in person. She showed us how to braid a scarf and how to turn one into a vest. She also demonstrated how most of the jewelry can be worn in multiple ways. It was great meeting her family and seeing the love they have for her.

The highlight of the afternoon came from the most unexpected place. One of the attendees, who was there to support her friend with MRKH, gave me two $1 bills as a donation. Here is her story: As she was getting ready to leave for the party, she told her sons where she was going. They said, “Wait!” and ran into their rooms. They each came back with $1 from their piggy banks. The kindness and caring behind those two dollar bills will stay with me as a reminder of how many lives each of us touch, and how the smallest gifts given with love mean so much to those who receive them. XOXO Amy

2) We want to highlight some great recent blog posts by some of our MRKH sisters.

Chrissy writes a great post stating how MRKH hasn’t stopped her and others women from becoming mothers. Chrissy also invites you to join her private group, Mothers with MRKH. Please read the post here: http://chrissyandlee.weebly.com/follow-our-journey/mothers-with-mrkh

One of our MRKH sisters recently ‘came out’ with having MRKH in her blog. Please read Janay Cooks’ powerful post, “Finding Purpose in your pain” by clicking on this link: http://naturaljournalist.wix.com/natural#!Finding-purpose-in-your-pain/cmbz/6896A6DF-4405-4D47-BACE-F977AFAF80B7

3) Do you have MRKH and you don’t feel comfortable being in an open group? There is this great private group for younger women with MRKH called the Fighters! The group was started by a young woman who wanted to keep contact with her sisters that she met at the Boston Children’s conference. If you are interested in joining, please private message me (Christina MRKH) and I will you introduce you to the administrator of this page through private message.

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