Elephant In The Room

Joyce, Philippines

I know motherhood is not for me, and I’m already in the process of accepting it. It started when I am no longer distant from tiny creatures called babies. “Baby steps, Joyce (pun intended)”. From that very moment, I felt pure joy when we welcomed my niece and nephew to the world. Other than raising awareness, I am also in the process of looking into other possibilities on how I can help other women with the same condition but with different types through egg donation, if the universe conspires. Throughout my adult years, I was alone looking for opportunities to be medically assisted. I know it’s costly and it will exhaust all our savings and salary. This concern is the elephant in the room between me and my husband. But last week was a surprise. After I bravely discussed the issue with him, he took his phone and searched for clinics, costing, etc. that may give us the information we need. Again, I am fully aware that IVF or any science assisted pregnancy is not an achievable goal for us because we are not financially ready for it, but knowing that I am not alone in this journey anymore, knowing that I can talk about this with him gives me so much joy. I know that from the start of our relationship, I am already accepted but today is different, it’s pure joy.

We all go through different phases, some of us still have high hopes and some are in the path of acceptance and yes, there are still moments of sadness and pain with it. But we all have one in common, we embrace each other despite this condition, because women empower women. I found my joy and I know you will find yours. We deserve love.

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