Why Self Care Is So Important


Self care is an extremely important quality to have. Without it we would find it hard to cope with certain situations, such as relationships, our work, and even home life.


For me it’s vital that I practice self care regularly. It’s not just taking care of basic needs like making sure you get enough quality sleep every night, eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise. Its just as important to be * KIND * to yourself also. Taking time out for *YOU! * to do what makes you happy, and content. Making sure you have that quality down time so you feel recharged to tackle the next task or situation.

For me, I make sure meditation is a part of my daily routine, as well as using it as a necessity for supporting me in my sleep routine too. If I’m able to get quality sleep, I can focus and take on the new day!


As we all know sleep deprivation is a major factor and can and will effect our well being, as well as physical health! I’ve sadly been a victim to this and for a short period of my life, my health, and well being have proven to have suffered greatly. When having to struggle emotionally and physically….. I survived!!! I learned to be more aware of the signs, know when to slow down and recharge.


Being kinder to myself hasn’t always been easy. I’m very much a person who thinks of others first, likes to please people, and hates to say β€œ No.” It has taken me a long time to recognise that the only person who is in charge of my well being, is * ME.* This means being kinder to myself and making it a priority for my own well being’s sake!!


Positive/ uplifting quotes have always and will always be very important to me. I was recently asked β€œ what would happen if you didn’t have your quotes to reflect on and read?” I replied β€œ I would feel muddled inside my head. I would feel no hope, no faith, no belief. They are like a comfort blanket, my lifeline! My quotes help me to keep β€œmy well being” and β€œself care” topped up!! I even have a little book of my favourite quotes that I can refer to in my times of need.


My two favourite quotes are :-
1: β€œ Believe, things happen for a reason, just believe”
2: β€œ He who laughs last, laughs loudest” ( one my Mum taught me shortly after my MRKH diagnosis)


My passion is for everyone to learn the importance of self care and how the quality of a strong connection and good practice will enhance your well being!! Get that right, your world is your oyster…… and your life can reach new, exciting, possibilities!!!


I am a MRKH Warrior! πŸ’›

I am 1 in 5,000.
I am unique.

Look after * You * and you can conquer the world!!!!

Much love, Lizzie

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