What If All Of Your Feelings Were Valid?

Sheree Murray

Its ok to feel all the feels, your feelings are totally valid.

Some days I find myself totally ok and in my power with mrkh.

I know what I want in my life and I know how to get there. Well most of the time.

Other days, a friend will tell me she’s pregnant and I’ll find myself shedding a tear.

Is it happiness for them or the loss of never having that feeling?

The feeling of having that choice to even become pregnant if I wanted too.

I’m not 100% sure. And that’s ok. 

I know I don’t want children, I love them but I’m happy to just love the ones that my friends and family bring into the world

But I’m also allowed to feel a bit sad in that moment, my feelings are valid, your feelings are valid.

Mrkh, May have taken what is one massive decision as a women we should get to make all on our own, but nothing can take away the validation of our feelings and how we get to process them.

Because you are a bold, strong and beautiful woman.

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