Celebrating 11 Years Of My MRKH Diagnosis

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It’s midnight and sure enough, Rosie wakes up. She needs a diaper change and a bottle, followed by some cuddles and then it’s back to sleep. From then until around 6:30 AM, we may wake up once or twice…or possibly as much as 4 or 5 times. Each time she wakes, I’ll follow the same routine.

We usually wake up and start our day around 8:30. She plays and has some water or juice, and I lay on the couch waking up until I can manage to operate the Keurig. Coffee has become my life force!

Our days are so busy…giggles, playing, eating, obeying all the whims of a toddler. We are at 15 months and I have no idea where that first year and some change went. I know it went too fast. Just as we hit one stage, it seemed like it was over and a new one begins.
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At the end of our day, she has a bath. Rosie loves bath time! It’s followed by pajamas and more play time, until she decides she’s tired and comes up to me and says “night, night” in a very desperate way. We have our snuggles in the rocking chair with a bottle until she’s asleep, and then the evening is mine.

I’ve never been so tired and busy in my life! There are moments when I question what I’ve done, but they vanish as fast as they come because I look at her and I’m overwhelmed with the love I have for her.
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MRKH doesn’t have the right to dictate or decide our life. WE get to do that, end of story. None of can look into the future. I know I was certain I would never have a child. We have an amazing adoption story, and it’s a special one. Being a mother is the most amazing thing I have done, but it doesn’t define me….just like MRKH doesn’t define any of us.

MRKH is a part of us, just as being Rosie’s mother is a part of me. There’s so much that makes up who I am. There’s so much that makes up who you are. Have faith, my dear Sisters. When we lose faith and hope, we lose everything. Don’t give up.

Dx 16, now 27

*Celebrating 11 years of MRKH diagnosis*

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4 Responses to Celebrating 11 Years Of My MRKH Diagnosis

  1. kelly says:

    I hope i’ll be a be able to adopt a child sometime in the future !!
    Mrkh makes me feel so unsecure about my future.. I want to be a mom just like you.

    I’ll fight for that:)

  2. Kay Berry says:

    I have seen your despair. I have seen your anxiety. I have seen your joy. I have seen your MRKH. I have seen your motherhood. None of these define you. Your overwhelming love and hope and joy in every situation, define you. Love you my sister.

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