MRKH Monday #MRKHmonday

This MRKH Monday is dedicated to the medical breakthrough of a successful birth of a baby boy after a womb transplant! Here are a few articles talking about this hot topic and what this may mean for women with MRKH.

Medical First: Baby Born to Woman who got New Womb

Two More Babies to be Born to Womb Transplant Mums within Weeks

Womb Transplants: Hope for Tens of Thousands of Women in Britain

First British Womb Transplant by Spring

Mother with Womb Transplant Says Risk Paid Off

The 4lb Baby Boy Born From a Donated Womb: First Ever Baby is Born After a Transplant Cure’s Mother’s Infertility – And Procedure Could Replace Surrogacy, says Doctors

Two more womb swap babies due in weeks: Expectant mums use organ of their own mothers to have children (and here’s the boy who made history)

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2 Responses to MRKH Monday #MRKHmonday

  1. fantastic news ever ie womb tranplant.more grease to your elbow.

  2. carrie says:

    Awesome!! Just Awesome. I had hoped this would be an option for me but its about 20 years to late. Best wishes to all of these mothers and the future success to all other woman who pursue this promising option.

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