We are one in many, we are unique, and we are fighters.

They say ignorance is bliss but not when it comes to your health. Any detriment can creep up on you with no realization whatsoever. But what’s worse, Ignorance positioning itself in your corner or that of a figure as vital as your doctor or pediatrician? What if you went in for a regular check-up, received an examination, and unexpectedly heard the words “Wow I’ve never seen this before?” Those would be the most heart wrenching words I think I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Prior to my diagnoses, I had seen many surgeons and gynecologists who had never even heard of MRKH or had rarely ever seen such a severe case of endometriosis similar to mine (rookie move, I know). How could one on such a professional level attend medical school for 8+ years and not even brush up on a defect that affects 1 in every 4,500 women around the world coming from müllerian anomalies that effect 1 in every 23 women? It is so hard to be in this position but these are the obstacles that give us much strength and inspiration to persevere. Sometimes it is our personal obligation to educate the world.

I take incredible pride in my advocacy for the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation because our primary mission is to give a voice to the voiceless. With this voice we must enlighten those around us and continue to comfort those with similar difficulties to ours. It is almost baffling to think that someone with so much knowledge knows so little about rather common defects but that is why we were given these conflicts because we are pioneers. When I first started out in this difficult journey, I never thought I was able to take initiative and make a change myself but it was with the help of this incredible foundation and the support of my friends and family that I discovered this would give great purpose to my life. I though to myself that maybe this had been my mission and I was to speak out in favor of women who suffer from all kinds of müllerian anomalies. Do not ever think you were given these or any other life detriment because you are unlucky or undeserving of a smooth life. Instead, be thankful that these things happen to you, as physically and mentally painful as they can be, because you were believed to be strong enough to handle it. We are one in many, we are unique, and we are fighters. We are first, we are pioneers, and we are warriors.

Although you may feel alone, do not let it happen. Educate those around you and inspire them with the strength you have acquired by overcoming these obstacles. Most importantly, if you are in the first stages of this journey, educate your doctors, pediatricians, and ob/gyns because a cure begins with them but it all begins with us. As I am still young and still facing many troubles, I continue to see a plethora of doctors on a monthly basis. I know that I am still obligated to inform them no matter what their specific field of medicine consists of. The moral of this blog, and the point that I am trying to make, is that we are always given the conflicts we face for a reason. We have a voice and that is our most powerful resource. I know we cannot eliminate these anomalies entirely but we can most definitely change the results and turn all negative aspects positive by supporting each other and uniting in sisterhood!

– Carly

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2 Responses to We are one in many, we are unique, and we are fighters.

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  2. Amy Lossie says:

    Carly–what a powerful post! Thank you for sharing your perspective and your strength.

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