I’ve Just Been Diagnosed with MRKH…Now What?

So you have just been diagnosed with some unique medical condition that you have never even heard of before. Even worse, it has to do with your female reproductive functions. Whether it is MRKH, infertility, or endometriosis; you don’t know whether or not you’re healthy enough to bear children or even have sexual intercourse in the future. Yes, these issues can be incredibly scary at first. Trust me I’ve been there…several times. You may be asking yourself what’s next. Before you panic or stress, there are several things you should know.

1) There is ALWAYS a solution to your predicament. You must know there are thousands of doctors who have gone to school for many years to educate themselves on your specific anomaly. Even if you don’t know of any physician yet, be proactive, do the research yourself! One of the most vital things you can do is to educate yourself because ignorance results in nothing but fear and panic.

2) There are hundreds and hundreds of girls going through the exact same thing you are. You’d be amazed at how many online forums and chat rooms you can find that focus specifically on giving you hope and strength.

3) Don’t ever think negatively about yourself. Everyone has some sort of obstacle they are facing whether it is relative to their health or something going on in their family. You are beautiful no matter what anyone says to you. One thing you must never do is compare yourself with models you see in magazines or on your television because truth is, sweetheart, THEY ARE NOT REAL. They have all had some part of their body altered in some way. Even if there is some girl in your grade everyone thinks is gorgeous. Chances are she is going through something scary as well.

4) The final, most important thing you can do is to constantly think positive. I am telling you now optimism can get you through absolutely anything. Be thankful that your situation isn’t as bad as it could be. Don’t let your health rule your life. For over a year I allowed that to happen and because of that I missed out on some of the best experiences I could have had.

So, continue living your life just like you have been because, believe me, it only gets better from here.


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1 Response to I’ve Just Been Diagnosed with MRKH…Now What?

  1. Becky OM says:

    Carly, Thanks for sharing. This is such an important reminder to stay positive. I like that you reminded us not to compare ourselves to a fake ideal. Everyone does have their own unique struggles. You rock!

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