The Beautiful You MRKH Foundation (BYMRKH) wants to welcome you to our blog; The Empowerment of the Silent Sisterhood! This blog will have posts from the BYMRKH team, appointed guest bloggers, and interviews with MRKH sisters from around the world. MRKH sisters everywhere, you are no longer alone, welcome home!

Amy and Christina


Organization FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beautiful-You-MRKH-Foundation/136594583180750

MRKH Support and Awareness: https://www.facebook.com/groups/squirrellhill/

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15 Responses to Welcome!

  1. sinedunne says:

    Amy it was such a treat getting to know you in the Philippines. I’m so impressed by what you are doing. You’re so bright and positive and fun and I wish you so much luck. But I guess you make your own luck so that part is sorted!

    Super interview too. Really open and awesome.

  2. natasha says:

    how can someone accept not getting to have a baby I found out when I was 16 and still cry all the time I cant stop and it has not got better for me so when will it im 23 now and married and ready for a family then I relize it wont happen for me cuz I have no money no nothing so when does it get better?

    • Becky OM says:

      Natasha, I still cry too and I’m well into my 30’s. I can’t answer your question about when it gets better, but it get easier for me when I have a support group. Have you found the BYMRKH Facebook group? It’s called: MRKH Support and Awareness. Come join others who are going through the same things you are.

  3. na1990 says:

    I don’t have a Facebook it is too much for me I can’t deal with the drama on it but I do sometimes feel like I need help dealing with it seems like its hitting me harder than it ever did before and I don’t know what to do about it anymore I’m tired of crying I’m keeping myself away from my friends and family for a couple weeks so I can think and get Mind gathered together

  4. Michelle Schuller says:

    Wow. I am 57 years young. It was just 7 years ago that I found out my ” condition ” had a name!(while playing around on the internet). I so want to tell my story but not knowing what that story was until recently .. Year..1972, 15 years old, developing quite nicely, but no period yet. Cheerleader, Vice President of class, party girl in sunny California. Mom, it’s ok, just late starter. My single parent mom was a bit worried, but I told her…chill! At 16, went to our family doctor, couldnt see anything…you need a hymenectomy..did that. Oh, nothing there?? Mom freaking out. They called it at that time..infantile genitalia??!? Had an operation over spring break my senior year..1974. Painful skin grafts from my thighs…having to wear this thing..pestle? Inside me for months..changing the rubbers on it. No choice. Had to make a receptacle for the penises to come?
    I am so glad that young women today have a name and choices!!! My life is good. I have been married 30 years this month to an awesome partner who knew about my infertility issues from the get go. We at one time were going to adopt, as this was before the surrogate stuff..and at the time I had no idea I even had any eggs!!! We decided that kids were not part of our fulfillment and our life has been rich with other endeavors.. I just retired from teaching. My husband and I travel and enjoy life. But just learning that I have something with a nameMRKH, and I have sisters like me..well, it makes my already awesome life, even more so.

  5. Julie Danae Heydrick says:

    I’m not really sure what I am supposed to say… I was diagnosed this past Friday and I have been crying since. I have a big family! 7 brothers and sisters. My dream was to have one of my own…. but obviously that can’t happen anymore. When I found out that I did have at least ovaries, everyone in my family was super excited for me! Me, on the other hand, didn’t see much of a difference. I still feel like lying down and never getting back up. I have had depression and anxiety for a few years now because of my older, prodigal brother. It has already gotten worse because I was also recently diagnosed with a deformity in my knees which might be keeping me from playing college volleyball… so you can only imagine how bad my depression and anxiety is at this point. All I feel like doing is lying down, crying, writing, and never leaving my room…

    Lucky for me, I have a very sweet boyfriend who is doing all he can to keep me moving and not letting me lock myself up. No matter how much I push him away (along with everyone else), he has refused to go anywhere! I have gotten very good at pushing people away… no matter how much I really love you. I have gone several days at a time where I refuse to speak to him (or anyone for that matter)… and then he’ll show up at my door forcing me to run to walmart just so I’ll get up and move.

    This is probably more than y’all really cared to know, but I don’t know what else to do! I write. That’s all I know how to do. If y’all were standing in front of me right now I wouldn’t know what to say… I wouldn’t be able to speak… but if I can type it, everything just kinda runs out.

    Thanks for letting me vent…. I’ll be quiet now…

    • Natasha says:

      Does this happen to anyone else they had dreams and they are so good but then u wake and u get snapped back into reality and u are so depressed for a couple of weeks then starts to get better then all over again u have that same dream of being a mom and being able to bare ur own children and its a never ending cycle of sadness

    • Natasha says:

      Don’t ever be quiet and keep it behind closed doors u need to let it out be strong and stand tall!!!!!

    • Receiving this diagnosis is very hard and overwhelming. Please go to to our website for support at http://www.beautifulyoumrkh.org We offer a Facebook support group and a private group for Moms. Also, feel free to email us at bymrkh@gmail.com. We are glad you found us! Please know that you are not alone and we wish you the best on your MRKH journey.

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